Geja’s Café: 58 years of Romantic Fondue Dining 


Step into a world of timeless romance as Geja’s Café proudly celebrates an astounding 58 years of fondue dining. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Lawler, the owner who has been an integral part of Geja’s for decades. Lawler shared his insights on what makes this legendary establishment an enchanting destination for romantic dining experiences.

Jeff Lawler

With pride, Lawler stated, “Geja’s Café has consistently earned the title of the most romantic restaurant in the country, and we are committed to upholding that reputation. Our fondue dining experience has captivated Chicagoans and visitors for over 58 years, providing the perfect setting for kindling romance, celebrating special occasions, or simply creating unforgettable moments with loved ones.”

What to Expect

The menu highlight is the three-course Premier Dinner, starting with creamy Swiss Gruyere cheese fondue. Guests can select from tempting options such as Australian lobster tail, Gulf shrimp, beef tenderloin, and fresh sea scallops. Their boneless chicken breast, cooked in sizzling soybean oil or broth, are also incredibly tantalizing.

But the grand finale is an indulgent affair that awaits at Geja’s Café—their world-renowned Belgian chocolate fondue. Prepared table-side with a captivating flambeed presentation, this culinary masterpiece arrives accompanied by an array of delightful dippers. The marshmallows are certain to ensure a moment of pure decadence and everlasting memories.

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