4 Reasons You Have to Try Chicago’s Favorite Snack

Here's why Garrett Popcorn Shops is a concierge favorite and beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Garrett Mix

It’s a Chicago Tradition

Since 1949, Chicagoans have been lining up to get their Garrett Popcorn x and leaving the home-grown popcorn shop with cheddar coated fingers and bags of goodness that will undoubtedly be empty before they even get back home.

World Famous Garrett Mix

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The Garrett signature mix was born over 60 years ago from customers who would habitually order one bag of caramel, one bag of cheddar, and a third empty bag (so they could mix it themselves).

It’s Handcrafted Fresh

The delicious aroma wafting around each shop probably gives it away, but the popcorn is prepared fresh all day, every day. Each small batch begins with a proprietary blend of non-GMO kernels which their cooks hand stir in signature copper kettles according to secret family recipes.

They Mix It Up

While concierges agree that trying the Garrett Mix is a must-do Chicago experience, Garrett’s offers a fun, seasonal rotation of limited time flavors like Chocolate Strawberry for Valentine’s Day or the limited-edition Hickory Smoked Bacon CheeeseCorn that’s available in shops now.

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