Fun Virtual Activities in Chicago to Take Advantage of Right Now


Virtual activities are a must right now. While Chicago is taking a break from in-person fun, we’re looking for the best ways to help you continue to enjoy the city. These are some of our favorite virtual to-dos to keep you entertained during quarantine. From food to fun, this list has it all! 

Take a Tour of Chicago Attractions – Virtually   

If you’re missing museums, architecture, theaters and more, check out Choose Chicago’s round up of all the digital experiences happening right now. Take your pick of tours and see new things from the comfort of your home. Virtual tours are a great way to stay entertained and learn something new, even if you can’t walk the halls of the building.

Learn More About Chicago’s Favorite (Deep) Dish 

Get excited, because you and your family can explore the history of deep-dish pizza and how to make it from some of the most well known pizza-people in Chicago. All of this is offered in Bobby’s Bike Hike’s newly-launched Virtual Food Tour Series: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Live. The tour happens every Wednesday at 6 p.m., and includes tour guides to answer all of your questions. As an added bonus, the series offers trivia fun for the whole family. 

Kick Boredom in the Behind with Virtual Moxie Boxing

Moxie Boxing brings a new meaning to fighting COVID-19. This tween-friendly boxing class is a great way to stay active and tire your kids out during quarantine. The host, Hip Circle Chicago, will send you a zoom link to join 5-10 minutes before the start of class. Grab the kids and learn more here.

Pretend You’re a Baker with a “Sprinkles DYO” Cupcake Kit

Sprinkles in Chicago is offering “Sprinkles DYO,” where you can have your own cupcake kit delivered to your home! This fun activity is both crafty and sweetthe family will love it. Head over to their website to get your kit delivered today.

Find your Future Spouse or… Just a Date for Now 

Dear Chicago singles, just because face-to-face interaction is on hold, doesn’t mean dating has to be! The Chicago Singles Virtual Meetup Group is all about socialization during isolated times. Dating from home could be fun, and extra socialization is always great.

Test Your Knowledge of Funky Factoids

Trivia buffs rejoice! This is the perfect opportunity to get your mind back in action and put your fun-facts back to use. Brain Sportz Trivia of Chicago is offering virtual trivia via Zoom every week from Tuesday through Saturday at 7 p.m.

Join a Virtual Fitness Group  

The Chicago Virtual Fitness Group will bring back the community feeling of the gym while keeping a safe distance. No matter your ability or skill level, you are welcome to join. Put your gym shoes on and join the Chicago Virtual Fitness Meetup.

Enjoy a Streamed Improv Show  

Keep your Thursday mornings free for this fun, participatory Improv show. “The Really Awesome Improv Show” encourages the audience to participate; it’s great for the whole family. Live entertainment from the comfort of your living room couch is perfect. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Written by Emma McVady

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