Finding the Perfect Gift


Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy, but these neighborhood shops are a good start to find unique and special things for those you love. Or yourself of course. 

The Fig Tree – Cute greeting cards and more

Almost everyone’s review of this store includes the word “cute.” It’s full of small, cute, and unique gifts, offering a wide variety of candles, games, and much more.  The greeting cards here are also one-of-a-kind.You won’t see any boring cards that follow the same pattern in this store—each one is filled with a quirky design. Check out The Fig Tree and you won’t go home disappointed.

Embellish Boutique – Heaven for lovers of exquisite handiwork 

If you want to embrace the holiday season fully, you should visit Embellish. Almost everything in the store screams classy winter wonderland. You’ll find brass-colored jewelry, vintage apparel and stylish handmade bags, unique hats and gloves, sophisticated soaps, and candles aplenty. The best part? Many of these exquisite crafts are budget-friendly (think $10-$30). 

Foursided – Surprise goodies galore 

Foursided is a beautiful store 365 days of the year but when the holiday twinkle lights turn on at night, the atmosphere becomes truly magical. You might even seeSanta Claus himself picking up a few last-minute gifts from their counter. The store is full of vintage decorations, bath products, children’s books, Chicago-themed gifts, and more. 

Merz Apothecary – A Chicago Classic

Founded in 1875, Merz Apothecary is a Chicago landmark and a mecca for people who want unique and natural products.  Like in European apothecaries, Swiss born Peter Merz focused heavily on herbal medicines and traditional formulas. After many years, changes and moves, Merz’s goal has remained the same: to support every customer’s well-being through truly superior service.

Up Down Cigar – A must-visit for tobacco lovers

Located in the heart of historic Old Town, Up Down Cigar claims to have the largest selection of premium cigars in the Midwest. With 45 years of experience, it’s a must-stop for any cigar aficionado seeking rare, premium cigars, pipes, humidors, and accessories. 

Mary Mary Gifts – Creative gifts and furnishings

When you see the iconic rose at the front door, you’ve arrived! Mary Mary Gifts is known for their  creative everyday products ranging from kitchenware to purses. You may even be surprised to find a glittering wedding collection and a fun kid’s corner full of toys and books. Mary Mary Gifts regularly updates their offerings so there’s always something new to see. 

NeighborlyA small shop with big dreams

Neighborly describes itself as “a small shop with big dreams.” Visit their little store and you’re sure to see why. The simple window design and clean interior make it stand out. Merchandise is displayed with care, like art on white shelves. Take your time perusing the store to pick out small gifts for all the art lovers on your shopping list.

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