Feast at these Four Concierge-Approved Restaurants

From neighborhood favorites to Loop newcomers, here’s a look at four, concierge-approved restaurants offering up a unique taste of Chicago.

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Did you know that Chicago’s concierge make over 1.35 million dining referrals each year? From neighborhood favorites to Loop newcomers, here’s a look at four, concierge-approved restaurants offering up a unique taste of Chicago.

Yolk Concierge-Approved Restaurants



Knowing the best spots for breakfast is crucial whether you are in your hometown or on the road. Definitely stop by one of Yolk’s locations, says Dianna Kwan, an independent concierge. Breakfast, after all, is their specialty. Of course there’s eggs-a-plenty on the expansive menu—as the name would imply—but they also offer everything from burgers and salads to the French toast and Benedict’s one may desire. Sit at the counter if you’re alone, or choose a booth or table. The options are as varied as the fare as there’s plenty of nooks and crannies to cozy up in these bright and welcoming restaurants.

Batter & Berries Concierge-Approved Restaurants

Batter & Berries


JLL (AMA Plaza) concierge Akilah Perry has three words for you: French toast flight. If that’s music to your ears, then head up to Lincoln Park and experience Batter & Berries, a cheery neighborhood breakfast cafe. Here, chef Derek Rylon whips up everything from buckwheat pancakes and deconstructed broccoli and cheese omelets to his stylized take on chicken and waffles and the signature flight of French toast—including strawberry, blueberry, lemon, and caramel—that Perry can’t get enough of.

Dusek’s Board & Beer Concierge-Approved Restaurants

Dusek’s Board & Beer. Photo by Clayton Hauck


Celebrate the enduring link between beer, food, and hospitality at Dusek’s Board & Beer, a favorite of corporate concierge Kimmy Collins. Serving up a continental European approach to small plates, Dusek’s boasts a convivial neighborhood setting where one can enjoy an honest meal and drinks a plenty. Housed in the old-world style Thalia Hall, Dusek’s imaginatively separates the menu by grains and greens, by sea, and by land and air. Stand-outs include the braised beef cheek, sweetbreads, choucroute, and the wonderfully delicious wood-roasted panzanella salad. After dinner, make sure to venture down to Punch House, the supremely cool cocktail bar in the basement.


Located on the booming corner of Dearborn and Randolph Streets, you’ll find The Dearborn. Dubbed a “much-needed pre- and post-theater dining option in the Loop and welcome addition to the neighborhood” by Radisson Blu Aqua’s concierge Rebecca Starodub, this urban American tavern joins several other high profile projects at the rapidly emerging shopping and dining destination, Block 37. The Dearborn’s menu marries a playful blend of high-brow cuisine shoulder-to-shoulder with elevated, low-brow tavern-style fare offering patrons a wide range of fine dining dishes and creative iterations of familiar favorites.

Written By Amber Holst

Amber Holst is Vice President & Editorial Director at Concierge Preferred. A native Chicagoan, she’ll happily bend your ear about why Top Notch burgers are a must (as is an Original Rainbow Cone) and can often be found procuring milk candy in Chinatown after dim sum with her partner in crime or rooting on her beloved Green Bay Packers (yes, that’s right) at Will’s Northwoods Inn. Lover of cured meats, prosecco, and good old fashioned “slashies” she considers herself fortunate to be able to promote her hometown for a living. Fun fact? She can play the accordion.

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