Locals Can’t Get Enough of These Chicago Breweries


Pilsners and lagers and IPAs — oh my!

For craft beer connoisseurs, gauging the quality of a brew comes down to more than just taste and style. It’s about the entire experience, one that engages the full range of senses in pursuit of that perfect pour.

Luckily, whether you fall into the above category or are simply looking for a cold one to wet the whistle, you can’t go wrong with local. Check out these Chicago breweries tourists and locals can’t seem to get enough of.


While its origins trace back to a small set up in Northern California, Lagunitas Chicago opened its doors back in 2014 and has since become the city’s largest brewer of craft beers. Their IPA and Czech Style Pilsner are favorites on tap all year long. In addition to their Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale, which can pack a little sumpin’ of a punch one, two, three pours in.

In addition to what’s on draft at the Taproom, you can also take a tour of the brewery or enjoy a bit of live music with a side of munchies. And you’ll definitely want to mark your calendars for their annual Beer Circus on tour during the summer months.

Marz Community Brewing Company

A hip warehouse and small-batch local beers are like peanut butter in jelly — they were made for each other. This is exactly what you’ll find at Marz Community Brewing Company. Located in the Bridgeport neighborhood, a favorite sud from this community of social responsible, artisanal brewers is Boogie Nights, their Double Wheat Pale Ale with rooibos tea.

Revolution Brewery

What started as a Logan Square brewpub in 2010 has since expanded into one of the largest independent producers of craft beer in the area. Anti-Hero, Rev Pils, and Fist City top the list of year-round favorites, with seasonal highlights that include Fistmas, Oktoberfest, and Rosa — their golden ale steeped with hibiscus. A list of Chicago breweries isn’t complete without Revolution!

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