Eye-Popping Fun at these Halloween Pop-ups

Replay Lincoln Park

Written by Dustin Ford

Halloween is the harbinger of creativity. There are so many ways for people to celebrate it, and Chicago businesses are no exception. Some businesses have chosen to open up Halloween-themed pop-up bars for the rest of the month. Here are some really cools ones.

IT Halloween Pop-up at Replay

Replay is a barcade that is known for having fun events and pop-ups. This temporary bar brings the adventurous and horrific world of Steven King’s IT to Chicago. Full access to all of Replay’s arcade cabinets and unique cocktails all in terrifying Derry, Maine setting. If you come in early this month, you’ll also catch the remainder of the Parks and Recreation pop-up being held in the other end of the bar.

Ina’s VooDoo Lounge at Ina Mae Tavern

Enter this world of bayou black magic with this unique pop-up. From October 24th to November 3rd there will be a swamp-full of different activities, such as tarot card reaching, pumpkin painting, horror movie viewings, and live music. There are also a bunch of ‘Forbidden Elixir Cocktails’ for those who can’t get enough of that bad voodoo.

Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-up

This is a pumpkin patch pop-up that takes place at Goose Island. We’re talking a corn maze, axe throwing, carnival games, arcades, and a whole bunch of pumpkins. Be sure to bring your blue jeans and your favorite plaid shirt.

Nightmare Before Halloween at Headquarters Beercade

This pop-up is a mashup of various different Tim Burton films, such as the Nightmare before Halloween and Edward Scissor hands. You also get a variety of Tim Burton inspired drinks along with several different special events like BurtLesque, a Burton themed burlesque show. Also, all the arcade machines are still open!

House of Beetle at Bassline

Speaking of Tim Burton, this Beetlejuice inspired event is the first movie-themed pop-up to be held at Bassline. There will plenty of music, drinks, entertainment, cosplays, and even a scavenger hunt. When was the last time you got to do one of those?

Check out our spooky blog for more spooky things to do for this month.

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