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Fall has finally arrived and cooler temperatures are beginning to rise in the Windy City, which means it’s time to move those outdoor activities inside. A great way to take advantage of this is by visiting the Chicago Architecture Center. This unique center is currently showcasing four different exhibits which display various aspects of Chicago’s architectural beauty. They include, Chicago City Model Experience, Building Tall, Chicago Gallery and From Me to We: Imagining the City of 2050. If you’re interested, you can plan a visit by purchasing tickets online. 

Chicago City Model Experience

This exhibit has been a favorite for locals and tourists since 2009. It features a film and illuminated model of Chicago’s story through its growth, its comeback after the Great Chicago Fire and, of course, its skyline. In 2018, the model was expanded and added 4,000 buildings which include skyscrapers and the modern towers made of steel & glass. This exhibit will also offer interactive touchscreens that will allow visitors to search certain buildings by architect or architectural style. 

Building Tall

This exhibit is located in the Drake Family Skyscraper Gallery which includes “supersized” models of famous skyscrapers in Chicago and across the globe. The exhibit intends to showcase how architects have crossed boundaries to create sky-touching masterpieces. It features buildings such as the Home Insurance Building, the Willis Tower and the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia which is expected to be the current tallest building. 

Chicago Gallery 

This exhibit examines Chicago’s architecture in depth. It features stories of five neighborhoods, residential architecture and architects who “shaped” the city. Visitors will learn about architectural styles, city design and the types of home styles in different neighborhoods across the city. Visitors will also get an insight of upcoming projects for Chicago. 

From Me to We: Imagining the City of 2050

This exhibit will allow visitors to learn about what a possible future will look like for an Urban city. As the world becomes more populated, local architects have shared their predictions on what architecture will look like in an effort to create healthier cities. Additionally, the exhibit is the start of a multi-year investigation into the development of future cities. 

Written By Marla Chavez Garcia

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