Experience “Notorious RBG” Virtually Before It’s Gone for Good!


Join the Illinois Holocaust Musuem for a virtual tour right from the comfort of your own home of one of their most popular current exhibits. 

The Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is based on the New York Times bestselling book. This is the first ever exhibit at the museum that is based solely on one individual person! Experience a lively exploration of Justice Ginsburg’s life and learn about her many roles in society. Ginsburg was a dynamic woman who played many roles in her life such as a wife, mother, student, lawyer, and judge. There are several highlights to catch on the tour such as pieces from RBG’s supreme court wardrobe, home videos from her marriage, 3D re-imaginations of key places in her life, and more! Register to one of these virtual tours ASAP because they are only available through February 20th. 

Once you experience the Notorious RBG exhibit, check out one of the many other virtual exhibits at the museum. For example, The Artifacts from the Vault exhibit is a video series that shares stories about different unique artifacts. You can catch more exhibits like this by visiting their virtual museum

If you’re ready to head back and visit the museum in person, their doors reopen on February 3rd!

Written By: Megan Collins

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