The Evolution of Chicago’s Blue Man Group


Experience the new sights, sounds and curiosities that make the Blue Man Group a Chicago performance favorite

In 1997, three mysterious outsiders took up residence at Chicago’s Briar Street Theatre (3133 N. Halsted St.). With gallons of paint, PVC pipes, Twinkies and their signature stares. The Blue Man Group awed audiences young and old through their world-renowned performance art! And through a combination of their unique art, music, comedy and technology, they celebrated stories of human connection on a global scale.

Twenty-one years and thousands upon thousands of shows later, Blue Man Group takes to the stage with new content to fall in love with, debuting for the first time worldwide right here in Chicago. So, sit back, stay sharp and put on your poncho, as we explore this beloved production’s newest innovations.

Never Before Seen (or Spelled) Instruments

“The Big Drum” may be self-explanatory, but that’s where familiarity among this showcase of newly constructed and remastered instruments ends. From the part deconstructed xylophone, part drum hardware of the trigger vibes, to the spinulum, with its clear plastic disk affixed to a slide guitar-esque, stainless steel neck, these expressive new sounds are as much seen, as they are heard.

Original Music Compositions

When not on stage, the men in blue are Grammy-nominated recording artists with multiple albums to their name. Their latest studio album titled “THREE” features the piece “Vortex”. Which will make its theatrical debut in Chicago through the whirling sounds of both PVC pipe and spinulum.

Cultural Relevance

In true Blue Man style, cultural commentary will unfold through new pieces such as Fast Friendz! A comical exploration of what happens when our connection to the virtual world leaves us void of connection in real life.

Audience Participation on Another Level

Blue Man Group remains as interested in the audience as the audience is with them. In turn, new interactions will provide visitors the chance to share the stage with these characters like never before. One lucky audience member will rock out as only the performance art troupe knows how – through the playing of yet another new original instrument, the Mag Bells.

For more information on showtimes and tickets, visit or call the ticketing office at (773) 348-4000.

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