Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre


Auditorium Theatre (50 E Ida B. Wells Dr. ), will host the Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre this Saturday, November 5th. This is a part of the theatre’s dance series. Support the dance company at this Chicago historic landmark

pic by Michelle Reid

Established in 1966, Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre reimagines and diversifies contemporary dancing. The company unites modern classical, American, and African American traditions in storytelling. For more information click here.

The program at the auditorium theatre will include the world premiere of Q After Dark which is a celebration of Chicago’s own legend Quincy Jones. Alongside live music from a super-ensemble of musicians led by Sam Thousand. A company premiere will also be included with choreography from the acclaimed Ulysses Dove. Vespers is the name of the piece which is a raw and dramatic piece with profound grace.

The event will have many other premieres of dance pieces. For instance, Artistic Director Nicole Clarke Springer will premiere an excerpt from Madonna Anno Domini. These showcases various choreographers’ hard work. This is also a good opportunity for composers and musicians to show their talents and hard work. The CEO of Auditorium Theatre, Rich Regan is very proud to host this event, he even says, “We are privileged to have such a diverse array of Chicago dancers perform on our stage through the Chicago Dance Series. Deeply Rooted Dance Theater thrilled Auditorium audiences last season, and we look forward to welcoming them back.” Come out and support this diverse dance company. For tickets visit here.

Written by Mariah Sturdivant

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