Creative Chicago Activities Based on Your Hobby


We’ve picked our top favorite spots for each hobby you may have. Chicago is eclectic, and there is something for all types of people. Here are five activities for hobbyists of all kinds. COVID-19 may have changed how we socialize, but it won’t stop you from doing what you love! 

Nature lovers:  

Promontory Point is a unique nook of Hyde Park that has everything that nature lovers are looking for. It sits against Lake Michigan and has trees, limestone blocks, waves, and even a trail you can walk.

Food fanatics:

We know times are tough, and you haven’t been able to eat out as usual. Thankfully we have the perfect rooftop for you. Mi Tocaya Antojeria is perfect for Mexican food eaters who miss dining out dearly. Not to mention the countless restaurants located all over the city that offer aesthetic experiences served alongside their delicious dishes.


With COVID-19, shopping has shifted online. When stores start to open, check out the Magnificent Mile. Stores like Zara, Nike and J. Crew line Michigan Ave. for you to peruse. For now, you can window shop, or stores like Burberry even have curbside pickup!

Antique hunters:

For those of you who love old treasures, the Randolph St. Market has plenty. Their upcoming market from July 25-26 focuses on vintage clothing and home décor. Come check it out and be sure to grab a new antique piece.

Architecture people:

The Tribune Tower is one of Chicago’s most marvelous skyscrapers. The best part about this building is that in its facade are  embedded pieces of some of the world’s most well-known structures, like the Great Wall of China. You can touch stones from around the world in this one spot.

Written by Emma McVady

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