Counting Chicago: Quick Math about the Windy City


This is Chicago in numbers. Check out these figure facts and how they paint a fun picture of the Windy City.


Buildings over 1000 feet. Chicago’s skyscrapers are something to behold, and we have quite the collection. Although, only a handful make it past the 1000-foot mark. The Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel & Tower and Vista Tower are a few that stretch the highest. If you’re looking to see the tallest building in Chicago, the Willis Tower, visit Skydeck Chicago while you’re there. See what it’s like to look out at the city while standing inside of a glass deck!


Seats at Soldier Field. This football stadium is home to the Chicago Bears and accommodates thousands of guests. Soldier Field also hosts concerts and other events, so it’s perfect that they have such a large capacity.


Streets named after U.S. presidents in the Loop. In Chicago, it seems like every turn you take is onto an American forefather’s road. There’s Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore and Quincy. Gesundheit!


Approximate number of theaters in Chicago. This city is a place where the arts thrive. Namely, we have a couple hundred places to enjoy shows. Coming to Chicago to hit some theaters? These are some of our favorites: the Chicago Theatre, the House Theatre of Chicago and the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.


Blocks in the City of Chicago. From south to north and east to west, there are nearly 21,000 blocks built from Windy City streets. Is it just me, or is that a lot of blocks?


Hotdogs sold at O’Hare International Airport per year. Uh, Yeah. That’s a lot of hotdogs. But, Chicago is known for it! Think about how many people travel to Chicago searching for a Chicago style dog – it has to be even more than 2 million.


Total museums in Chicago. As a tourist spot, museums are a given, and Chicago has a bunch. Some of our favorites are the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Broadcast Communications and the Chicago History Museum.


Chicago pizza joints that appeared on Daily Mail’s “101 Best Pizzas in America” list. Some of the City’s highest-ranking pizza places include Pequod’s Pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and Piece Brewery and Pizzeria. If you’re interested in taking a tour of Chicago’s best pizza, check out Pizza City USA Tours.


“L” Stations in Chicago. The city is known for its elevated railroad transportation that delivers its travelers across the city. Now you know, there are 145 different places you could stop or get on.


Miles in the full length of Lake Shore Dr. This road is a huge artery that feeds into the heart of Chicago. On one side there is the lake, and on the other, there is the city. Lake Shore Dr. is a gorgeous 15 miles of Chicago scenery.

Written By Emma McVady


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