Concierge-Approved: 3 Beer Bars for Suds With Buds


Beer is the drink of champions, and all champions need a throne room. You can find a beer at just about every corner of Chicago, but that doesn’t make a gas station a throne room. No, you deserve something better. You deserve a better beer drinking experience. So, if you are shopping around for a new throne room, then check out these concierge-approved watering holes.

Ballast Point

This brewery started off in San Diego in 1996, but later brought their West Coast flare to the West Loop. For years Ballast Point has been testing and toying with different ingredients to bring new life to award-winning beers. The Chicago location is a beautiful mash up of fish murals and walls covered in beer spouts. There are also plenty of food options and tours available.


This colorful brewery is so big and complex that they had to tear the roof off just to get their brewing equipment inside. Through the mesmerizing halls of this building you will find a stylish event room and an equally stylish taproom. The event room is a huge purple man cave of epic proportions and the taproom is a cozy and welcoming eatery overlooking the massive brewery at work.

Timothy O’Tooles

At the corner of Ontario and Fairbanks stands a pub that sticks out like a gold and green thumb. 48 different beers on tap, some serious bar food, and pool tables makes this the place that bars wish they could grow up to be. So if you’re looking for some chill brews, hot food, or just a good time then this is the place to be.

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