Chicago’s Delightful Summer Brunch Spots


Maple and Ash

This sparkly brunch spot is perfect for a special occasion meal. If you are into seafood, cocktails, omelets, and all kinds of other brunch food, Maple and Ash is the place to go. With patio dining, this restaurant is a nice outdoor meal spot to enjoy the summer weather. If you’re in the mood to start celebrating early, enjoy a drink from their list of delectable cocktails.

While you are there, sample their flavorsome Alaskan King Crab Omelette served with creamy avocado and fine herb salad. Maple and Ash has a to-die-for brunch menu, sure to fulfil your late-morning cravings.


This eggy food venue is a cute place to enjoy your next brunch. Yolk’s bright atmosphere and light cuisine creates the most ideal brunch spot. Yolk specializes in eggs, but they also offer so much more.

If you’re looking to stick to egg dishes, order their famous Hey Ricky Omelet, with avocado, chorizo, onion, and more craveable ingredients. Or, if you want something a little different, try out their trendy avocado toast. This dish is topped with smoked salmon, red onions, tomato, fried capers, and dill cream cheese – yum!

The Original Pancake House 

The Original Pancake House, a classic and tasty eatery in over four locations, is an ultimate spot for brunching. If you are a fan of sweets, order fresh strawberry crepes to boost your mood. Dessert for brunch is a fun way to start your day and make your taste buds happy.

The Original Pancake House serves an array of scrumptious breakfast options, like Pancakes, omelets, waffles and more.  If you’re craving something savory, have their steak skillet, served with unions, bell peppers, mushrooms and cheddar cheese.  

Batter and Berries

Waffles, French toast, and eggs are this yummy restaurant’s top focus. If you are looking for traditional breakfast food, you can head over to Batter and Berries to find it. Especially skilled at crafting delicious French toast, this restaurant is a total hit.

Next time you have brunch, visit Batter and Berries and taste their zesty Lemon French Toast. This dish is created from fresh squeezed lemon batter and topped with lemon zest and candied walnuts.


Cherish your next brunch at m.henry’s pretty patio. This cute spot makes for the perfect brunch venue. Come check it out and soak in their history, food, and décor. At m.henry, bakery meets café, and the people love it.

When you visit, sample their mouth-watering quiches like their Rustic Peasant Quiche. This dish is filled with asparagus, leeks, flavorful shallots, bacon, and melted cheese. On the sweeter side of things, you can order their Blackberry Bliss Cakes. These pillowy pancakes are topped with maple syrup, fresh berries, and vanilla crème.

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