Where to Find Chicago’s Best Chocolates


They make a perfect holiday gift, for yourself or -if you have to- someone you dearly love. Here’s where to find some of Chicago’s best chocolates:


This Belgian bakery in the heart of the Gold Coast not only has some of the best bread and croissants in the city, their triple chocolate truffles can’t be beat. Imagine chocolate ganache covered with Belgian dark chocolate and dusted with extra brut cocoa powder. While you’re there, try their hazelnut rochers as well — way better than any store-bought alternative. Bon Appétit! 


Before becoming a global brand, Godiva was (and it still is) the story of an exceptional Belgian family whose passion for chocolate drove them to greatness. Step into their Block 37 store and be amazed by a unique selection of fine chocolates and gifts.   


Italian immigrant Domenico Ghirardelli opened his first ‘confiserie store in California in 1852. The brand now has stores across the country, including one in the iconic Wrigley Building. Not only can you find hundreds of chocolates here, it’s also the perfect hot cocoa stop when shopping on Michigan Avenue. 


A woman-owned and Chicago based business, Vosges offers a unique combination of exclusive flavors and extraordinary packaging. Among our holiday favorites are the Champagne truffles: the world renowned Krug™ Grand Cuvée and the Crème de Cassis encased in dark chocolate and hand topped with 23 karat gold leaf. 


When Larry Burdick returned from his training as a chocolatier in Switzerland (1987), he decided to radically change the way chocolates had been made in America up to that point. Combining his vision and philosophy with Swiss know-how, French gastronomic thoughtfulness and American imagination, Burdick introduced his friends, neighbors and many others to true chocolate delicacies. Today, he’s still widely regarded as a pioneer of fine chocolates in America. 


Leonidas started as a small ‘confiserie’ in Belgium in 1913 and is now a world-renowned chocolate maker with over a hundred different kinds of Belgian chocolates. We don’t recommend trying all of them — at least not at once — but you can enjoy a selection at the Leonidas Café in the Gold Coast neighborhood. 

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