Chicago Walking Tours to Take Advantage of This Fall


There’s no better time to experience Chicago then in the fall when the city is in its prime. The weather calls for getting outside and taking a walk, and what better way than to go on a tour. From infamous mobsters, to the best food in the city, Chicago offers walking tours that will peak anyone’s interests and get you in the fall spirit. 

Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tours

Looking for a more unique look at the city? Walk through the city on a guided tour highlighting crimes, mobsters, and locations that make up Chicago’s history. Or take a tour through Chicago’s haunted history on the Chicago ghost tour. Exploring locations where ghost sightings and paranormal activity is said to occur, something that will most definitely get you in the fall spirit. Notable locations include Death Alley, Congress Hotel, and the Palmer House, make sure to head over to their website to find a time that works best! 

Secret Food Tours Chicago

Secret Food Tours Chicago is for any foodie trying to explore new cuisine in the city that you may have never heard of or found before. This three hour tour takes you to some of Chicago’s most famous culinary options, all while taking in the history and architecture of your surroundings. The tour goes throughout “The Loop” which is the heart of the city and where you can find Chicago’s most historic restaurants and cafes. Beginning with some deep dish pizza and ending at chicago’s oldest Italian restaurant this tour will cover everything you love or maybe didn’t know about Chicago. 

Chicago Architecture Center

Want to learn more about what makes Chicago so iconic? Then take a tour with the Chicago Architecture Center, featuring a variety of options that will be sure to wow you. Their most popular option and most exciting is their tour with featured docents. An experience that will give you a personal insight into the city’s design and history from those who were a part of it. Or maybe you are interested in the evolution of Chicago, if so their “Walk Through Time” tour explores the cities earliest buildings all the way to the modern skyscrapers that make up the skyline. Whichever tour you choose, the Chicago Architecture Center will surely be one you do not want to miss. 

By Will Norris

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