Chicago Pi Day


March 14 is Pi Day, a day that celebrates that mathematical constant pi (π) and is a day for fun and education! Chicago has some amazing places to celebrate Pi Day the right way!

Pizza Pi: 

Roots Handmade Pizza

Looking for a new style of pizza? Try the Quad Cities-style pizza from Roots Handmade Pizza! Here you can enjoy a pizza pie with a crust crafted with a dark-roasted malt, slightly spicy sauce, and topped with your favorite toppings. The pizza is cut in long strips with scissors making it a delicious handheld pie for the whole family! Want to get in on the fun? Roots offers pizza kits that can be delivered to your house in minutes!   

Dante’s Pizzeria

With two locations — Ukrainian Village and Logan Square — you can enjoy an extra large pizza pie! At Dante’s Pizzeria, you can even enjoy the 9 levels of Hell: Poblano pepper, pepperoni, giardiniera, bacon, fresh garlic, jalapeno, sausage, red onion, banana pepper — or as they call it, the Inferno! A 20 inch pizza too big for you? You can get your favorite pizza by the (big) slice or you can opt for any of their strombolis or gourmet sandwiches!

Spacca Napoli

Craving the taste of Italy this Pi Day? For more than a decade, Spacca Napoli has made pizza that has held homage to traditional Neapolitan-style pizza! With the dough made daily and only the freshest ingredients from trusted vendors, these delectable pies are baked in a wood fired oven built by third and fourth generation artisans from Naploi. With a beautiful, rustic Italian ambience, you will be transported to Naploi the minute you step through the door!  

Sweet Pi:

Bang Bang Pie Shop

Who doesn’t love a delicious pie? At Bang Bang Pie Shop, you can try a never ending rotation of pies! Usually closed on Mondays, this pie shop is open on Monday, March 14 from 9 am to 6 pm to celebrate! From sweet pies like Key Lime and Chocolate Chess, to their more savory options such as Chicken Pot Pie and Tomato Pot Pie, there is the perfect pie for everyone! 

First Slice Pie Cafe

Looking for a pie that not only tastes good but makes you feel good as well? Check out First Slice Pie Cafe! Eating at this cafe is an easy way to support an organization that helps hunger relief! From having one of the best Apple Pies, to offering a delicious Key Lime Pie, First Slice Pie Cafe is a great place to actually feel good about having dessert first! 

Spinning J. Bakery & Soda Fountain 

Looking for a more traditional dining experience this Pi Day? Check out Spinning J. Bakery & Soda Fountain! With vintage barstools and accents, you can be transported into a simpler time! Yet, their pies aren’t stuck in the past. Get a slice of yuzu-matcha or lemon-lavender pie and a house-made soda and watch the old and the new coloide!

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