Chicago Brewhouse: A Beer-lover’s Paradise


If you’re a beer lover visiting the city, you’re going to want to sample the local wares. And, oh boy, have you come to the right city. With over 120 local breweries serving up delectable flavors, it’s going to be hard to see them all. That’s why heading over to Chicago Brewhouse is the perfect solution. 

Located on the gorgeous Chicago Riverwalk, you’ll get those vacation vibes with the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful views of the city. What makes this watering hole special is that they exclusively pour Chicago-brewed beers! That’s right, get a sampling of what the city has to offer all in one place.

If their dedication to local beer wasn’t apparent enough, there is also an in-house exhibit that walks you through what the beer brewing process is like, the history of beer in Chicago, and a list of breweries in case there are any you missed. You’ll learn fun facts like 95% of a Chicago beer is local Lake Michigan water. For beer-lovers, it’s really a must!

Of course, you can’t just fill up on beer. Chicago Brewhouse kept the local theme going with their menu which features items from popular neighborhoods like Maxwell Street Split Foot Long, Chicago Style Hot Dog and Polish Sausage, Pilsen Street Tacos, and a Lakeview Charcuterie Board. 

No matter what your preference, you’ll find IPAs, Hazy’s, Pilsners, Hefeweizens, sours and more at Chicago Brewhouse just waiting for you. Not a beer drinker? Signature cocktails like their Frose, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages are available too!

Ready to try some local brews? Walk-ins welcome or reservations can be made at Large groups and event spaces are available too! Contact the restaurant for more details.

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