Chicago’s Beaches open for the Summer


Written by Dustin Ford

Lake beaches have a lot of benefits that ocean beaches do not. There is no saltwater taste, you won’t step on a jellyfish, and there is never a risk of shark attacks! Chicago has plenty of great beaches; some are small and quiet and others are huge and busy. 

It’s a common misconception that Lake Michigan is dirty. In reality, the water is perfectly safe for recreation and for drinking. In fact, the University of Illinois at Chicago tests the lake’s water every day to ensure public safety.

Safety is by far Chicago’s biggest concern when it comes to their beaches. The Chicago Lifeguard Service is the largest municipal lifeguard service in the world. You’ll find plenty of lifeguards patrolling the beaches this summer for your wellbeing. In addition, you’ll find Chicago police patrolling the coast and keeping the sands safe.

Chicago is dedicated to keeping the beaches open and accessible to everyone. With dozens of beaches in the Chicago Land area, there is enough room for everyone to lay out on the sand. Be sure to check out as many as you can and find your favorite.

Here is a comprehensive list of all Chicago’s beaches listed from North to South.

Also, Chicago has an inland beach in Humboldt park.

Be sure to check each beach for upcoming events and specials. Don’t forget to take a peek at our blog for more things to do this summer.

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