CHI-HIGH: 4/20 in the Windy City

Photo by Justin Aikin

Where It All Began

The history of 4/20 dates back to the 1970s, when a group of high school students who called themselves “the Waldos” coined the term. The Waldos used “4/20” as a code word for smoking cannabis, and the term eventually spread throughout the country and beyond.

In Chicago, 4/20 has become a significant part of the city’s cannabis culture. Every year, on April 20th, people gather for the “Chicago 4/20 Fest” to celebrate and advocate for cannabis legalization. The event features live music, food trucks and vendors selling cannabis-related products. 

In recent years, the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Illinois has brought even more attention to 4/20 in Chicago. Dispensaries throughout the city offer a variety of cannabis products to customers, and cannabis-related events and businesses continue to thrive.

Join the Celebrations at Curaleaf

Curaleaf will be celebrating 4/20 throughout April long with deep discounts and fun activities! Customers will enjoy experiential activations, mobile consumption lounges, food trucks, art installations and more! 

They are also sponsoring a 4/20-themed comedy weekend at iO Theater. Plus, you can register to win concert tickets to shows at The Salt Shed with every visit to Illinois Curaleaf locations. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to visit Curaleaf.

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