Chef Michael Taus Returns with Taus Authentic


It’s been two years since the Chicago dining staple Zealous closed its doors where Charlie Trotter protege Michael Taus gave Chicago excellent cuisine for almost 20 years. Now Taus is back with a complete different concept that is all about his roots.

Taus came up in an era where white linen tablecloth was the style, and in 2012 he decided to close his popular restaurant and hit the reset button by traveling the world to not only learn more about global cuisine but to learn more about himself. That journey has resulted in the opening of Taus Authentic Food and Drink in Wicker Park.

The ever-accomplished chef will take his classic French technique and apply it to dishes inspired by his family, his childhood, and his travels. All his food will be made from scratch and feature a variety of entrees along with a raw seafood and tartare menu. Taus is leaving his days of seven-course menus behind and just cooking what he loves whether it be a veal cheek pot-au-feu, a mouthwatering short-rib burger, or the double fried chicken with jalapeño cornbread that he stole from his aunt. Diners can enjoy all of that in the cozy 100-seat dining room or the 50-seat lounge with a bar and two fireplaces. For Taus it’s about creating a comfortable atmosphere where the diners can learn more about him and have their stomachs learn more about what they already love—great food.


Taus Authentic Food and Drink opens Feb. 11 at 1846 W. Division St. For more information visit

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