Celebrating Women’s History in Chicago


Who runs the world? GIRLS! Women’s History Month is the time to celebrate empowering women all over the world. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate in Chicago! 

Apsáalooke Women and Warriors at Field Museum

Join the Field Museum to undergo the vibrant community of the courageous Apsáalooke women.This one-of-a-kind exhibition displays these women warriors and storytellers through a series of one-of-a-kind pieces. There is plenty too see ranging from 100-year-old war shields to contemporary beadwork.

Badass Women of History virtual tour by Chicago Detours

Hop on Zoom during one of these four live tours to learn about strong women with Chicago connections. From pilots to sculptors, this live event from Chicago Detours highlights a wide range of historical women. This event is an hour long and involves challenges and games! 

Chicago Women’s History Center

Check out the Chicago Women’s History Center to learn from the best! This non-profit organization is composed of historians, educators, and advocates committed to distributing information on local women’s history. There are always new functions to participate in such as the Inequalities in Women’s Health event on March 24th! 

Chicago Women’s Park and Garden

Stroll through this intimate park to pay your respects and remember powerful women.  The Chicago Women’s Park & Gardens pays tribute to the many local women who have made significant contributions to the city, country, and world throughout history. A meaningful statue dedicated to Jane Addams is one of the park’s distinguishing features.

Women and Children First

Pickup a book and browse through this store’s extensive collection!  Over 30,000 books by and about women are available at this feminist-focused independent bookstore. That’s not all! Monthly community gatherings, readings, and more are hosted at the store with the goal of supporting and encouraging female writers. 

Do not miss out on celebrating Women’s History Month! Check out one of these amazing places right here in Chicago!  

Written By: Megan Collins

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