Celebrate the Holidays with Macy’s on State Street


macys the great tree lighting 2014-6We do this every year where we complain how early stores push Christmas on us and the complaint is getting just as tired as what the complaint is about. Just kick out that Scrooge mentality, and open yourself to enjoy one of the most magical times of the year. One iconic department store knows how to get you in the spirit.

Macy’s has been a big part of the American holidays tradition since the timeless film “Miracle on the 34th Street,” and while that Macy’s is in New York our Macy’s on State Street also knows how to get you in the spirit. Nothing else will spark that holiday spirit like the store’s Great Tree display in the historic Walnut Room. At 45-feet tall, the tree is covered with more than 2,000 ornaments and 6,000 LED lights, and every hour on the hour you can catch a light show that plays off the ornaments. Singer Jordin Sparks will be lighting the tree on Nov. 7 at noon.

In addition to the Great Tree, you can’t miss the infamous window displays. This marks the 48th year of the animated displays. You can then head inside and visit with Santa at Macy’s SantaLand where you can have a chat and take a picture with the big guy. In addition, you can learn about all the holiday traditions for an hour-long guided tour at the store.

macys the great tree lighting 2014-71

Both photographs by Sebastian Biedron.

The Great Tree will be lit Nov. 7 at noon by Jordin Sparks and will be up through January. Santaland will run from Nov. 7 until Dec. 24 For more information on Macy’s holiday events visit l.macys.com/chicago-il#.

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