Catch These Two Exhibits Before They Leave Chicago


If you’ve been procrastinating to see some of the city’s best exhibits well here’s your last chance to catch these two favorites.


For their second exhibit the Driehaus Museum brought the stunning “Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry.” The exhibit not only explores the resistance against mass production brought on by the Industrial Revolution but the way women were an integral part of that handcrafted-jewelry movement. The museum highlights more than 250 ravishing items that include extremely intricate rings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, tiaras, and even cigarette holders.
Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry 
Ends Jan. 3
Driehaus Museum
40 E. Eerie St.


Robot Revolution Exhibit @ the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

Robot Revolution Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

See the present and the future at the Museum of Science and Industry’s “Robot Revolution” exhibit.  Divided into four sections you can find cooperative robots like da Vinci®, which has helped surgeons through operations on more than two million patients since 2000, smart robots like Baxter, who can play tic-tac-toe with two guests at the same time, skilled robots like the Robotic21 System, who can play 21 and likely beat you, and locomotive robots like the cute ROBOTIS-MINI, where you can make it do dance routines.
Robot Revolution
Ends Jan. 3
Museum of Science and Industry
5700 S. Lake Shore Dr.

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