Catch Buddy Guy Live Through the End of January

Photograph by Paul Natkin

Photograph by Paul Natkin

Buddy Guy spends every January reminding Chicago and its visitors that there may be new guitar gods and blues masters, but none are Buddy Guy. You have two weekends left to let the icon give you the blues from your head down to your shoes.

Buddy Guy will be playing sets at his club Buddy Guy’s Legends, so don’t be that person who missed out on a chance to see one of the most gut-punching vocalists and emotional guitar players that has ever lived.

Muddy Waters is without a doubt the father of Chicago blues, but Buddy Guy has done a great job of keeping it alive and strong since Muddy’s passing. Buddy Guy doesn’t play and sing the blues for your ears but for your heart.

Catch Buddy Guy until Jan. 31 at Buddy Guy’s Legends located at 700 S. Wabash Ave. For showtimes and ticket information visit

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