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Chicago is no joke when it comes to its comedy scene. Some of the biggest names in the biz got their start performing in the Windy City’s iconic comedy clubs. With summer on the horizon, why not lighten up and have a laugh? Check out these five favorite Chicago comedy lounges that are sure to tickle your funny bone!

Second City

Located in Old Town, Second City has the reputation of making locals, as well as tourists, laugh the hardest! Second City hosts comedians that perform both sketch and stand-up performances, launching many comedians’ careers such as Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Steve Carell. With multiple stages, as well as training opportunities for aspiring comedians, Second City holds many opportunities for both the audience and performers. 

The Laugh Factory

If you’re familiar with the Chicago comedy scene, then you must have heard of The Laugh Factory! Located in Lakeview, The Laugh Factory is one of Chicago’s most visited comedy lounges. Hosting shows several times a week, the laughs are endless. Check them out, and make sure to catch a show delivered by some of Chicago’s most memorable “laugh-makers”.

The Revival

Located on the Chicago South Side, The Revival is known as the birthplace of improv comedy. The Revival normally hosts shows on the weekends and has opportunities for both adults and young comedians interested in performing. The lounge is also heavily used for music and jazz events! Classes are also available for aspiring musicians. Check them out!

Annoyance Theater

Known for its unconventional, bizarre comedic direction, this Lakeview comedy club brings out the most unique performances in Chicago. The Annoyance Theater is a hub where aspiring comedians can also take classes, and work with like-minded individuals to obtain their comedic goals. Holding various sketch and improv performances, workshops, as well as musicals, the lounge is sure to have something for everyone. The theatre also holds a bar l, where one can network with comedians of all backgrounds!

The Comedy Bar

Located on the third floor above Gino’s East in River North, The Comedy Bar is sure to host some of the most iconic Chicago comedians, as well as some new faces that are emerging in the comedy field. Check out some local headliners, get a drink, and share some unforgettable memories. 

Written by Paulina Czupryna

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