Blue Man Group to Perform Special Show for Kids with Autism

Blue Man Group Chicago is hosting an autism-friendly performance on Sunday, Oct. 1 with a portion of every ticket sale benefitting Autism Speaks.


Chicago was the first Blue Man Group city to host an autism-friendly show.  Now in it’s fourth year, they will be hosting an autism-friendly show in Chicago on Sunday, Oct. 1.  at 4 p.m.  All tickets are a discounted $49 and $5 for every ticket sold is donated to Autism Speaks.

For the autism-friendly performances, slight modifications will be made to the shows, including reducing sound and light levels at various moments and making earplugs available upon request. The Blue Men will keep their approach to the audience more subdued and limit the amount of direct interaction with the audience. Blue Man Group will also create calming environments outside of the performance for families seeking a break from the excitement.

The fastest growing developmental disorder in the U.S., autism spectrum disorder affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. Characteristics include social challenges, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviors. As a non-verbal, visually-stunning show, Blue Man Group serves as a great fit for many children and families affected by autism.

Tweet it: @bluemangroup #Chicago partners w/ @autismspeaks for autism-friendly show Oct.1 at 4 p.m.

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