Blue Man Group: 4 Reasons You Need to See ‘Em Live


The Sights

Neon lights, interactive visuals, and of course, the men in blue make up this out-of-this-world performance. Not quite a concert, not quite a comedy show, a Blue Man Group performance has it all from great music created with fun and unique instruments to the humorous Twinkie- and marshmallow- eating sketches that will offer side-splitting laughs. The Men use glowy painting elements to bring everything together, making a Blue Man Group show an unforgettable experience.

The Sounds

Speaking of unique instruments, have you ever heard of a spinulum? How about magbells? We didn’t think so. Blue Man Group takes care of that with their creative take on musical instruments! Fun and inventive instruments make a Blue Man Group performance quite a showstopper and you’ll love the jams played throughout the show. One lucky audience member will even get the chance to play the magbells on stage with the Blue Man Group, something never before seen on the Chicago stage.

The Selfies

Don’t rush out of the show after the final curtain just yet! Treat your Instagram followers to a selfie with you and the blue guys themselves. After each show, the Blue Man Group will stick around so that you can grab a selfie with them – because, let’s be honest, you really do need a new profile pic and this will be a pretty cool one.

One More Thing…

Did you know that when you purchase a regular priced Blue Man Group ticket, you’ll receive a free pass to ride the Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier? Head to Will Call before your Blue Man Group show to claim your show ticket and wheel pass.

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