Bambola: Food for Globetrotters


The West Loop’s newest exciting restaurant addition opened its doors on September 13th. Bambola is inspired by the rich traditions, ancestral techniques, exciting products and flavorsome spices widely exchanged and mastered by Eastern and Western cultures since the 13th century. 

Silk Road For Foodies

Bambola’s chefs travel along the Silk Road to seek out the culinary through lines in the shared multicultural heritage of Asia and Europe. As the journey goes from East to West and West to East, Turkish, Persian and Indian cuisines play a central role in Bambola’s menu as these three countries dominate the center of the Silk Road. Adding complexity and showmanship to the dishes are the oft-celebrated, internationally recognized cuisines of Italy, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Greece.


Bambola’s cocktail program celebrates the free flow of culinary traditions and ideas through modern cocktails, built on ancient flavor combinations. Created by Bonhomme Hospitality’s award-winning beverage team and partner Brian Sturgulewski, local drinking traditions and beverages found along the Silk Road inform both spirit-free and spirit-friendly cocktails. Much like the blending of cultures along the trade routes, global spirits and complimentary spices and ingredients are used to express those traditions and beverages in a way that is unique to Bambola.

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