Backyard Grill Guide: Where to Pick up the Best Ingredients


Chicago has a long list of grocery options, but when it comes to more one-of-a-kind, obscure items, only a few stores come through. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience paired with infrequently found items, you may want to try an artisanal or specialty store. These types of stores are perfect spots to pick up what you need for grilling this summer. That’s why we’ve drawn up this list of a few of the more recherché grocery stores of the Windy City.

Wixter Market

If you’re a seafood lover, purchase some sustainably-produced surf. Next cookout, try and whip up some delicious fish tacos using this clean seafood source. You can choose from a selection of super frozen, flash frozen, and tinned products.

Wixter’s super frozen fish (frozen at -60°C) is the perfect food to pick up for a cookout that’s coming up in a few days. Or, grab something tinned to make dishes like tuna salad or salmon patties.

Local Foods

This West Town stop makes a big city feel like a small town. They take pride in fostering locally grown foods from agricultural businesses in the area. Some of their products are from agricultural places like HandCut Foods, MightyVine, and more. Not to mention, their collection of artisan and local goods is impressive.

Local agriculture makes this store’s produce department especially tasty, so stop here for your veggie-side dishes. Get some peppers to char on the grill, or some ingredients for the perfect side salad for your guests.

Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks

If you want the fresh grocery experience, minus the store, this place is perfect. Fresh Picks delivers natural products right to your house. Worry not, because if you forgot a key ingredient for your cook out, you don’t have to send your newly-licensed son to pick it up. You can simply order the ingredient online.

Grab some fresh produce to satisfy your cook-out guests or pick from a variety of meat and fish to grill. Fresh Picks’ items are sourced directly from local farms for added health and flavor. This place has all of the flavors that you and your guests will love.

Andy’s Fruit Ranch

Andy’s is a natural market with an ethnic twist. The goods at this spot are sourced from around the world. With Produce, meats, deli, groceries, wine, and spirits, this store will definitely have what you need for your next barbeque.

You can find your main course, appetizer, side dish, and dessert here. Known for fruit, Andy’s has what you need to make a tasty fruit pie for desert. Blueberry, cherry, apple, you name it. Your guests will love it.

Publican Quality Meats

This place is home to a mixture of specialties: a gourmet market, café, bakery, and butcher shop. When you’re planning your next cookout, there’s no doubt that this store has everything you might need. At the butcher shop, choose your main course from a wide variety of meats, then peruse the aisles for a side dish.  

Grab your ribs, salmon, ground beef, lamb, or whatever your heart desires from the butcher shop. Then, head over to the retail section to choose from a sizable collection of specialty items to pair with your meat. If you are looking for appetizers for guests, pick up some specialty cheeses or bread with artisan olive oil.

Written by Emma McVady

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