African Lion Cubs Debut at Lincoln Park Zoo

Photo by Cody Engel

After months of being nurtured in privacy, three African lion cubs have finally shown their coats at Lincoln Park Zoo! The beautiful babes, Pesho (pe-sho), Sidai (see-dye), and Lomelok (low-mey-lock), have been gearing up not only to impress spectators, but particularly their own pride. Nursed within the Pepper Family Wildlife Center, the siblings have opened their eyes, taken their first steps, and learned to play over these last few months. Now, they trot alongside their expansive pride for Lincoln Park visitors to witness!

Vice President of Animal Care and Horticulture at Lincoln Park Zoo, Maureen Leahy, has expressed earnest excitement about this migration. Evidently, watching the lion cubs adapt, learn, and discover within a new environment has been fascinating for visitors and watchers. Those who have been unable to spend a day at the park have been utilizing the new virtual streaming platform to witness the magic. Here, you can spectate various habitats, interact with zoo experts, partake in chats, and more! 

However, there is nothing quite like a day spent at Lincoln Park Zoo. Plan a day trip to witness the endless territories, but specifically the lion pride! Observe the developing personalities of the three cubs as they navigate a world that is entirely new to them. They will be out and about starting April 15th, so spend time with them during spring and summer!

Written by Bridget McGann

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