A Museum-Lover’s Guide to Chicago!

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Chicago is home to some of the richest history and culture in the United States. With over 50 Chicago museums to choose from, you can find something new to explore everyday. Each museum offers a unique educational and interactive experience that you can only find here in the Windy City. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve created a guide of the best museums to check out to make the most of your time in the city. 

Explore Artistry:

Creativity and passion flow through Chicago, encouraging artists from all around to flock to the city and that’s no surprise considering all the incredible Chicago art museums. 

The largest collection of art in the city can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago. Works spanning centuries from all around the world are shown off in all their glory here in the heart of the city. Come to see favorite staple pieces or learn about a featured artist while taking in the culture and artistry around each corner. With several rotating exhibits throughout the year, you will see something new each time you visit. 

Chicago is a city rich with culture and diversity. Celebrate culture by visiting a legendary Black art gallery. Chicago is home to the Gallery Guichard,  “a rotating collection of modern and contemporary works from numerous global artists.” Specializing in the African Diaspora, Gallery Guichard finds its home in the largest African American art district in the United States. Support new and upcoming artists and their works that will speak to your soul at this one-of-a-kind art gallery Chicago has to offer. 

Continue your artistic exploration at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum features fresh and innovative exhibits, performances, and programs that provide a new perspective on artistry. Be inspired at this gallery that seeks to bring the people of Chicago together with its thought provoking works of art. With 7 rotating exhibits, take a few hours out of your day in the city to check out this unique museum.   

Explore History:

There’s so much to learn in a city like Chicago and oftentimes museums can be our best educators. 

It’s impossible to talk about Chicago’s museums without bringing up the Field Museum. Showcasing over 40 million artifacts, the Field Museum is the largest in the city. Take a journey through time and learn things you never knew about the past, present, and future of planet earth. 

After learning all you can about our planet, check out the American Writers Museum — the only museum in the world that honors the work and legacy of American literature. A perfect balance of educational and fun, this Chicago museum features interactive exhibits including a writer’s station where you can put your own storytelling skills to the test. Read up on your favorite authors, snap a pic at one of the many instagram-worthy photo locations, and head off to another historical museum. 

Chicago’s Driehaus Museum provides a look into the richest history of the 19th Century. Held in the historic Nickerson Mansion, this museum is a unique learning experience. Travel from room to room immersing yourself in architecture, art, and culture of Chicago’s Gilded Age. Take a journey back in time at this beloved Chicago location.

Explore Interactively:

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, Chicago has no shortages of interactive museums that are tons of fun for all ages. 

The largest science museum in the country, The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the most visited interactive activities you can find in Chicago. This museum aims to inspire a new generation of scientists, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn classic science skills in new and exciting ways. Stretch your brain and become a scientist for a day with hands-on exhibits that will keep both kids and adults of any age engaged and entertained. 

Continue your day of interactive education at Chicago’s Children’s Museum. Geared towards children, this is a fantastic family friendly museum that will inspire imagination from a young age. With exhibits crafted for different age groups, children of all ages can be entertained and inspired. Watch your children play and learn and maybe learn something new yourself!

If you’re looking to snap a fabulous new profile picture, look no further than Chicago’s WNDR Museum. Described as an “ever evolving, immersive art and technology experience,” I guarantee you’ve never seen a museum like this. Become one with the art and be inspired as you walk amidst the fascinating exhibits. The museum provides a thought-provoking experience with interactive technology and inspires joy and creativity in its audience. This museum has been all over instagram recently, and it’s no mystery why. Check it out for yourself and explore this city in a brand new way. 

Chicago is home to some of the most incredible educational opportunities in the country. Take advantage of those opportunities and treat yourself to a day exploring these iconic museums, galleries, and exhibits!

Written By: Lindsey LeBeda

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