A Cool New Ice Cream is Rolling Through Chicago


Ice cream rolls have taken over Chicago. Back in 2009 when you were all busy watching ‘David at the dentist’, South East Asia had a surge of a cool new street food. Originally called “Thai rolled ice cream” this treat is as fun to look at as it is to eat. The process of making ice cream rolls is so versatile that you can make ice cream rolls with almost anything, like Oreos or…cheeseburgers. In 2015, these rolls started invading the US, where they found a home in Chicago and other cities.

So how do you make them? First, you need a very special type of grill, a cold grill. The ice pan atop the grill cools to about -20 degrees before sweet cream and other toppings can be added onto it. The mixture is then chopped, flipped, spread, chopped again, flipped again, and then spread thin on this surface. The confectioner usually does this with two scrapers. After a few seconds one of the scrapers rolls up sections of the surface into rolls and then places them into a cup. Additional toppings can then be added on top of the finished project. These Asian deserts are known for their exceptional presentation and creativity.

Ice cream rolls are a true treat for any Chicagoan with a sweet tooth. These are the types of gifts that you expose yourself to when you live in place with so many different cultures. Its one of the reasons that we love Chicago.

Check out these shops to try some rolls for yourself: Legend Tasty House, Freezing Point, Ice Max, and Okashi. Make sure yo check out our blog for more things to to in Chicago.

Stay Cool.

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