A Chicago Snacking Tradition That Pops


Garrett Popcorn has been a flavorful Chicago staple since 1949. But how did it all begin? 

As it happens, a female entrepreneur started the whole thing with some super secret family recipes and their first shop on West Madison. And with such high-quality ingredients and the taste to match, it’s no wonder Garrett Popcorn continues to be a favorite among locals and visitors alike to this day. 

From CarmelCrisp to CheeseCorn, Buttery to their best-selling Garrett Mix, you’ll have plenty of gourmet options to try when you stop by. Can’t choose just one? No problem. You can create your own tin and choose up to three flavors for the perfect combo. Plus, with Frango Chocolate operating as part of the Garrett Popcorn family since 2017, you can easily satisfy every craving—salty or sweet—under one roof.

Written By: Natalie Kokaska

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