4 Hidden Gem Museums to Explore

Take a Stand Center at Illinois Holocaust Museum

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Illinois Holocaust Museum’s most groundbreaking exhibit is the Abe & Ida Cooper Survivor Stories Experience located in the Take a Stand Center. Utilizing new technology to enable “conversations” with recorded Holocaust Survivors via 3D holography, you are able to hear eight survivors tell their stories and even ask them questions. The Take a Stand Center’s four interactive galleries guide visitors through social justice issues, empowering them with knowledge and inspiration and reminding them to be an Upstander against hatred in all its forms.

Driehaus Museum

What did a map from the 1893 World’s Fair look like? Just how magnificent was Louis Comfort Tiffany’s chapel? All of these answers plus more at Treasures from the White City: The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Celebrating the fair’s 125th anniversary, this exhibit will feature objects and memorabilia collected by Richard H. Driehaus that were designed for and exhibited at the fair.

American Writers Museum

The first literary exhibited dedicated to Bob Dylan in more than 10 years comes to the American Writers Museum in November. Focusing on his influence on American culture, music, and writing, this exhibit will explore how the musician came into his own and how he influenced musicians across all genres. It also focuses on how he came to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016. Learn more about why you need to visit the American Writers Museum here.

Chicago Fed’s Money Museum

Think you could detect counterfeit money? Put your skills to the test and learn just how it’s done at the Chicago Federal Reserve Money Museum. Check out artifacts that tell the story of the dollar in the United States, stand next to $1 million dollars, and even create your own currency. Don’t miss their special Hamilton exhibit to learn more about the man who was our first Secretary of the Treasury.

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