4 Boutiques for Sustainable Shopping


By Devin Johnson

Shopping for clothing and accessories that don’t harm the environment? Chicago has a solution: sustainable retail stores. 


When you get sick of wearing the same thing head over to Crossroads! The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is this Lincoln Park-based boutique’s motto. Crossroads is an awesome way for shoppers to trade in their clothes for trendy new ones. Walk right in and exchange them for cash or in-store credit, but make sure they are clean and in good condition.  

Mod & Ethico. 

Talk about a store that’s redefining fashion, Mod and Ethico located in the West Loop is a brand that centers itself around ethical fashion creation. All of these eco-friendly items are made with low dye ink, faux leather, and faux fur. With cute rompers, dresses, tees, jeans, jewelry, activewear and accessories you’ll be sure to find something you love and help the environment!

Greenheart Shop

Noted for being Chicago’s only nonprofit fair-trade shop, Greenheart Shop’s products are made with care and environmentally sustainable materials. Their vendors range all the way from local Chicagoan designers to Tunisian artists. Each piece is a product of the designer’s community, bringing culture significance to the items.  Walk in and you’ll find beautiful home décor, glassware, and jewelry from around the world. 

PINTL + Keyt

PINTL + Keyt is THE place to spruce up your wardrobe! At this chic boutique, every piece of clothing is developed and intricately hand designed. Their fashion team sketches the print and picks it apart until the piece is perfect. Created with only organic materials, their collections merge art, fashion and sustainability.  

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