360 Chicago Unveils New Exhibit

360 Chicago

Chicago is world-renowned for its skyscrapers, but how often do the workers behind these buildings get a starring role in the story?

In 1965, Evald Peterson, aka “Michigan Pete,” worked as head caisson inspector for construction of the John Hancock Building and captured his personal experiences and photos in a journal. After years of archiving this treasure, 360 CHICAGO unveils Building Hancock: The Stories and Photos of Michigan Pete, a new interactive display that pays tribute to his work, and brings to life the architectural building feats and challenges recorded in his own words and pictures. The exhibit will be dedicated on Wednesday, Feb. 23 during a private reception.

The exhibit designed by Provost Studio and fabricated by Chicago Scenic Studios transforms Michigan Pete’s handwritten, spiral-ringed notebook into an interactive exploration of important Chicago history. A touch-pad app designed by Gramercy Tech allows users to easily flip through the journal’s pages and photos. Rather than organizing the content sequentially, content developed by Fleming Museum Consulting is intended to pique the visitor’s curiosity to learn more by offering a unique, self-navigating, unfiltered experience through Michigan Pete’s personal collection of photos, notes and facts.

The exhibit will be available to all general admission ticket holders and is located in the northeast corner of the 94th floor observation deck.

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