3 Reasons Why GO Airport Should be Your Go-To to Get Around Town

Get Around Town with GO Airport Express

If you’re looking to get to and from the airports and around Chicago, book your ride with GO Airport Express. While GO Airport Express best known for their convenient and cost-effective airport shuttles to and from downtown, they also offer shared rides (think Uber or Lyft), in addition to point-to-point transportation with as little as 30 minutes notice to popular destinations throughout Chicago. The best part? They’ll be there when you need them without the headache of surge pricing.

That’s right.  No surge pricing. No more hoping a driver is available when you need it, no more paying 3X the price during peak hours – you can book your point-to-point service with confidence when you book with GO.  Plus, they’ve just introduced a whole new fleet of vehicles.  If you prefer a more comfortable ride, book an SUV or sedan. While they will be there in as little as 15 minutes from the airport, you can also book well in advance – having peace of mind that your transportation is ready to go when you are.

Why you should book with GO Airport:

  • You are paying a similar price to other Rideshare Apps
  • You can book in advance or with as little as 15 minutes notice from the airports
  • Your safety is a top priority.  You’ll be riding in a fully insured and licensed vehicle with a professional driver who has passed extensive background checks.

Receive $5 off your next ride with GO by booking your trip here.

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