3 Reasons to Try India House

India House’s wide-array of offerings and prime location make it the go-to dining destination for those looking to satisfy their craving for Indian cuisine.


A Flavorful Bang for the Buck

Bar naan, this is one of the best deals downtown. For $14.95 (Mon.-Thurs.) or $17.95 (Fri.-Sun) start things off by noshing on the unlimited naan and sizzling hot tandoori chicken (which is promptly brought to your table) before digging into the seemingly endless options at the buffet. While some of the dishes change daily, offerings include their delicious chicken tikka masala swimming in a rich cream sauce, samosas, several types of curries just begging to be ladled over rice, and various vegetarian options like the paneer makhani, fresh cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.


Drawing inspiration from the cuisine of Bombay and Delhi, as well as Indian street fare and homestyle tandoori cooking, the avors you’ll experience here are plentiful, and more importantly, authentic. Seasoned curry-philes can expand their Indian repertoire beyond the admittedly-delicious mainstays and for those unfamiliar with Indian food, this is a perfect introduction. Dishes here are all elegantly served with gorgeous bowls and serving spoons, and the well-appointed and plush environs, makes it a great destination for a fancier night out or business dinner.


Save room for dessert! The mango kul , or ice cream, is outstanding. So is the kheer, a rice pudding cooked with sweetened milk, raisins, and almonds.

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