There’s More to Explore with ‘undreamed shores’ at Navy Pier


Marking the concurrence of Shakespeare 400 Chicago and Navy Pier’s Centennial celebration, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater has partnered with the Melbourne-based artists of one step at a time like this to present undreamed shores, a solo pedestrian micro-journey along Navy Pier which will run Oct. 7-23.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s fascination with water imagery and the natural beauty of Lake Michigan, undreamed shores is a solo micro-journey that guides individuals as they navigate Chicago’s famous landmark—accompanied by the sounds of spoken audio tracks, Shakespeare’s text and music, and the sights of the lake and its surroundings on Navy Pier. Each participant will borrow a specially-programmed smartphone, which will serve as the navigational tool of their excursion.

Specially crafted to be enjoyed by one person at a time, undreamed shores will run Oct. 7 to 23—with availability for only 200 travelers—with staggered start times from 1:30 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. Tickets are on sale now, starting at $25. Due to the unique nature of undreamed shores, tickets are only available by calling the Box Office at 312-595-5600 during regular business hours.

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