Motorola Opens First Moto Shop in Block 37


Amanda Cooper, our director of concierge relations, is our concierge contributor this week with a recommendation for some tech shopping this holiday season.

Unless you’re buying an iPhone some of the best smartphones aren’t even available to buy in stores, but a lot of times it’s hard to justify spending that much money without even seeing the product in person. Motorola is changing that with their new Moto Shop.

For a short time Motorola’s latest flagship phone wasn’t even available in stores but that seems because they were waiting to unveil it with their new interactive boutique store at Chicago’s Block 37. The Moto Shop has different stations that allow you to experience smartphones and wearables in person. There’s even an area that allows you to test out Motorola’s new Droid Turbo 2, the only shatterproof phone on the market, in a Drop Zone. You can also check out the new Moto X Pure and it’s top rated 21 megapixel camera at the pop-up photo booth—the video is also impressive.


If you’re looking for that next-generation product there is a whole section dedicated to beautifully designed smartwatches. Motorola’s smartwatches come with all the bells and whistles any techie would need, much like the rival Apple Watch, with a smaller price tag. Their round watch face also gives it the feel of a classic watch but with the added software. The double wrap rose gold smartwatch definitely got added to my Christmas wish list.

If you’re wondering why Motorola opened their first Moto Shop in Chicago it’s because the company started here in 1928. Before changing the name to Motorola the company was Galvin Manufacturing Corporation and opened at 847 W. Harrison St. Later the company changed it’s name when they started selling car radios.

Moto Shop is open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday at Block 37, located at 108 N. State St. For more information visit

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