Get a Windy City Workout Outside


By Dustin Ford

Now that you’ve gotten your beach body, you’ll have to maintain it. With the weather being so nice, why stay cooped up inside of a gym? There are plenty of ways to workout under the sun. You don’t need to be a gym rat when you can be a ripped outdoor squirrel.

The Spartan Super Races

These races are grueling and intense competitions meant to push you to your limit. Compete like a Spartan and race over several miles while throwing spears, carry sandbags, traversing obstacles, climbing rope, flipping tires, and much more. Just competing in this gauntlet is reward enough, but there are also prizes for the first to finish.

Maggie Daley Climbing Park

Resting in the heart of Chicago lies this park of custom-made climbing-walls designed for challenge and fun. While this park is open to all ages over 4, it is a hotspot for fitness enthusiasts. How high can you get?

Calisthenic Parks

To some of the most serious fitness junkies, a couple metal bars can be your best friend. If you know the motions, you can get a serious workout on Chicago’s many Calisthenic Parks. These Parks are accessible, free, and effective.


You can exercise anywhere if you know how. Sometimes it can be hard to start doing parkour. Luckily there are a multitude of parkour classes that you can take to get you acclimated. You can find a handful of parkour parks around Chicago. There are also places like Go Ape where you can climb, swing, and zip-line through trees.

Trapeze School of New York

The TSNY teaches you the fundamentals of trapeze in a safe environment. Get your heart pumping as you swing suspended from two stories up, bounce on a trampoline, use aerial fabrics, and flip your way into shape.

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