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Food That Warms the Soul

Chicago concierges weigh in on their favorite comfort food

Chicago winters can be brutal but, thankfully, we’re blessed to have many options to keep us warm—with food as one of the most important ones.Here’s what our concierges had to say about their go-to comfort foods in the city. 


Diane Martinez 

My favorite comfort food is Albóndigas soup (AKA Meatball Soup). The Albóndigas soup at The Soup Box comes pretty close to my Grandma’s! I’m not sure if it’s on their menu rotation right now, but if it is, you should definitely try it! 

Jan Viscum @ Hyatt Centric Mag Mile

“I love Pierogi!”  

Visit Tryzub or Kasia’s Deli in Ukrainian Village, two amazing places to try fresh pierogi!


Flor Sigaran @ BuildingHub 

“Growing up by Humboldt Park, Jibaritos were on every block. You can either drive through the park on North Ave for food trucks or try my new spot at Jibaritos Y Mas or La Bomba.


Joyce Fong @ Chicago Athletic Association 

“My go-to comfort food is congee, a traditional Asian rice porridge. My favorite place to get it is Hon Kee on Argyle!” 

Matza Ball Chicken Soup

Gloria Leverence: “ My favorite comfort food is Matza Ball Chicken Soup and I especially love to get it from Eleven City Diner in the South Loop!” 

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