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Chicago’s Best Breweries

Check out Concierge Preferred’s favorite breweries in the city. If you’re not sure if you like beer, these places might just change your mind!

Goose Island

Whether you’re from Chicago or not, you know about Goose Island. After founder John Hall took a tour around Europe, he knew Chicago deserved beer that delicious. By 1995, John decided to open a larger brewery to keep up with demand. Though you can find their beer all over the world, there’s only one brewery in Chicago. Their 312 and IPA are the most iconic, but we also love their Beer Hug line! Their Fulton Street Taproom is offering pickup at the moment, so stop in and get some beer to take with you. No trip to Chicago is complete without a beer from Goose Island!

Haymarket Pub & Brewery

Haymarket Brewery promises to make you a great beer drinker. This is a pub-style brewery, complete with live music, attentive bartenders, and friendly staff. There are always customers, so you know you’ve found the right spot! Two of their beers won awards at the Great American Beer Festival, including their Oscar’s Pardon Belgian-style Pale Ale. At the brewery, they have a wide selection of both beer and pub food. If you visit on the weekend, they also have brunch. Plus, they have a taproom in Bridgman, MI!

Crushed by Giants Brewing Company

Located in Streeterville, Crushed by Giants Brewing Company is the perfect place to relax after shopping downtown. Although they have a few options to-go, their beer is only available at their brewery, so you can trust you are getting a one-of-a-kind experience! For $22, you can get a flight of all six beers, or go with one of their signature cocktails. Chef Enrique Roman runs the kitchen, promoting locally sourced food that pairs well with beer. If you’re looking for a brewery that you can’t find anywhere else, visit Crushed by Giants Brewing Company.

Half Acre Beer Company

If you’ve heard of Chicago, you’ve heard of Half Acre Beer Company. Since 2013, Half Acre made their home on Balmoral Avenue in Edgewater. Sold at stores worldwide, Half Acre Beer has something for everyone. They have new flavors every month! Plus, they have exclusive beers at their brewery, including their Sunning and Midrise beers. From barrel-aged to seasonal staples, Half Acre puts creativity and innovation into each beer. Be sure to visit their brewery to learn about the beer-making process, and you can even buy some beer to-go!

Revolution Brewing

There is so much to say about Revolution Brewing, only a visit could do it justice! As Illinois’ largest independently-owned brewery and open for over a decade, Revolution Brewing has a lot to brag about. Revolution Brewing produces dozens of different kinds of beer, from IPAs to fruity sours. Some of their beers even pay homage to Chicago, including Fist City® and Rev Pils®. You can’t miss these amazing flavors, complete with extravagant artwork on their cans. You can sample all these amazing beers and tasty food at their Brewpub Taproom, located in Bucktown. Please take a look at their menu here!

Dovetail Brewery

A trip to Chicago is not complete without a visit to Dovetail Brewery. The owners, Hagen and Bill, met at Doemens Institute in Germany while earning their Master Brewer Certifications. Inspired by European brewing traditions, Hagen and Bill combined these traditions with American creativity, giving way to Dovetail Brewery. To Bill and Hagen, beer is a combination of science, hard work, art, and fun. Dovetail Brewery is complete with a Taproom and Biergarten, and their menu includes any beer preference. Visit this page to read beautiful descriptions of each beer!

Maplewood Brewery and Distillery

Located in Logan Square, Maplewood pushes the boundaries of what a fine beverage can be. After moving into its production facility in 2014, Maplewood opened its lounge, complete with a cocktail bar and taproom. They have a variety of year-round options, including their Oatmeal Milk Stout and Chicago Pilsner. When you visit their taproom, their bartenders will offer you cocktails made with homemade liquors and small-batch beer. If you’re looking for the perfect atmosphere for enjoying one of the finest beers in Chicago, Maplewood is the spot for you!

Marz Community Brewing

This McKinley Park brewery combines art and tasty drinks for its philosophy! Marz Community Brewing believes beer enhances the culture of Chicago, which is why they are experimenting constantly with flavors never tasted before. Try their Jungle Boogie – an American Pale Wheat and Chicago favorite! They brew everything in-house, from seventeen different beers to signature seltzers. Plus, they just launched their Life on Marz Community Club, featuring rotating draft lists and complimentary food samples!

Piece Brewery

Located in Chicago’s charming neighborhood, Wicker Park, Piece Brewery is seen as a “perfect date spot.” Their intimate, yet nostalgic atmosphere allows any guest to feel totally comfortable. Piece Brewery is known for its pizza and house-brewed beer. Even with no date, bring your friends, family, and even yourself out for a tasty night out. Being open for over 17 years, Piece Brewery continues to serve the hearts of Chicago. Check it out!

Alulu Brewery and Pub

Looking for drinks in West Loop? Check out the unique Alulu Brewery and Pub in Pilsen! Crafting its own beer, and implementing twists with a chef-driven menu, Alulu is predicted to be the next emerging bar in Chicago! With their premier crafted cocktails and electric pub options, any tourist is sure to enjoy themselves. This season, Alulu is hosting a specialized menu including American/Filipino gastro-pub cuisine and global dishes. Alulu brews its beer fresh on the second floor, and also holds events/parties. Alula is said to break the “new bar scene” and is bound to host a fun time! Check out Alulu and make sure to try out their limited edition, first-ever canned beer!

Burning Bush Brewery

This family-owned “microbrewery” becomes a vital component in Chicago’s North Neighborhoods. Burning Bush Brewery is known for its high-quality beer and its incredible hospitality services. This dog-friendly brewery focuses on the compassion of the community and forming relationships with every guest. Their rustic, pub-like atmosphere creates a familiar pub experience that many become comfortable with. Check out Burning Bush Brewery for some old-fashioned hand-crafted beer!

Cruz Blanca Cerveceria

Opening in 2016, Cruz Blanca Cerveceria is one of West Loop’s newest emerging breweries. Where Mexican flavor meets craft innovation, Cruz Blanca opens up doors to the world of beer! With each sip, you can experience a truly authentic Mexican taste! Along with beer, Cruz Blancas meal options are also sure to make you order more! Known to have the “best taqueria menu in the city”, this urban, lively bar is sure to bring some festive spirit to your next outing. With their freshly made tortillas and variety of meat, one is sure to leave stuffed. This next-level cerveceria’s elevated approach to Mexican street food keeps culture alive in West Loop! You can even order online here!

Forbidden Root

Looking for a unique experience? Then you need to check out Chicago’s first-ever botanic brewery: Forbidden Root. Forbidden Root Restaurant and Brewery’s natural approach to brewing craft beer is an innovative way to explore West Town. Forbidden Root strives for creativity and focuses on the different opportunities they can take with their wild ingredients, which include yam, yeast, malt, hops, barley, and many more! Their community-driven bar experience is sure to bring family and friends together. Check our Forbidden Root for an experience you may not normally get the chance to!  

DryHop Brewers

Carefully placed in a dense community, DryHop Bewers is one of Lakeview East’s favorite breweries. Passionate about “craftsmanship” and the foundations that go into creating a classic ale, their focus revolves around hop-centric ales with a carefully catered menu. Their traditional Belgium, as well as experimental, beers, make quite an impression on various guests. DryHop Brewers’ menu is also carefully selected to fill anyone’s hunger needs. Their “unpretentious” sizes will allow you to even take home leftovers, depending on the kind of night you’re having. Check it out!

Ravinia Brewing Company

Providing excellent service, and fun night’s out since 2016, Ravinia Brewing Company puts smiles on thousands of customers’ faces. With two locations in Logan Square and Highland Park, each beer is sure to bring joy with every sip! Their four-vessel brewing system provides a new experience that recognizes the communities they serve. Ravinia is also known for its changing menu, which offers a variety of options to try if you plan to visit again, which you most likely will! Make sure to check out their popular Isle of Lost hops, with notes of peach, guava, and juicy fruit gum. How fun!

Spiteful Brewing

Spiteful Brewing began with the ideas of two best friends, Brad and Jason. Their dedication to brewing and the care that goes into crafting beer is rooted in family and care. This Andersonville brewery is bound to bring a group of friends back together, or even be a great place to host a casual meet-up. Spiteful Brewing’s hospitality and care for the community are seen in its customers. The selection of beer and various drinks is bound to have a treat for anyone. Make sure to try their Spiteful Lager, which was said to make you “not want to leave”. You can even order Spiteful Brewing products online, here!

District Brew Yards

At District Brew Yards, “no one comes between you and your beer”. This pour-your-own beer hall is one of the firsts in the nation and is sure to be an exciting experience. Located in West Loop, this self-serve brewery also allows you to shop for beverages, allowing you to return home stocked for your next celebration. Add some tasty meal options to the mix, and you’ll have a visit you’ll never forget. Unlike any other experience, District Brew Yards holds four unique breweries and 40 draft beers to choose from. With the chance to explore what drinks suit you, make sure to check out District Brew Yards.


Ørkenoy is a Scandinavian Logan Square brewery, bar, and restaurant located in the Kimball Art Center. This modern, simplistic brewery and taproom serve traditional Scandinavian beer and cuisine. Ørkenoy serves seasonally rotating lagers and ales that incorporate ingredients such as wild currant leaves and gooseberries. This aesthetically pleasing environment is sure to give your social media a spike in style. The style that Ørkenoy implements within their service are one you’ll never forget. And for the coffee lovers, stop by Ørkenoy in the mornings for their popular cup-of-joes.

Hope Well Brewer Co.

Located in Logan Square, Hope Well Brewery offers a craft brewery and taproom. There is even a Hopewell Brewery Market for beer-to-go. This brewery is a small team led by all sorts of backgrounds. They have experience in non-profit advocacy work, a large production brewery, and organic food sales. All these factors make for a high-quality beer and a great work environment.

Pilot Project

Pilot Project is a brewery where brewers with high barriers can succeed together. The collaborative and artistic space help support these brewers. Pilot Project is basically a launch ad to launch the careers of small brewers with big talent. They offer assistance, fine-tuning, production, and much more. Visit Pilot Project in Logan Square to support these brewers.

Lo Rez Brewery and Taproom

This brewery started in the garage and now broke ground and landed in Pilsen. With no care for social media acceptance or attention. Lo Rez Brewery and Taproom is just a place where two friends can create together. Bringing connection to friends and neighbors is the main goal while also crafting beer like the old ways. This local brewery is a great way to reconnect with the Pilsen Chicago roots.

Off Coloring Brewery and MouseTrap

The founders of this brewery met while in college, a very respectable brewing school. This then translated into them owning a brewery together. The brewery plans are based on Dug and Tracy at Metro. The two somehow convinced people to invest in their brewery and that is where Off Coloring Brewery and MouseTrap were born. They also have a taproom with 16 off-color brews on draft. Visit this location if you want to enjoy a good brew.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company, Tony Magee, transformed the IPA in 1995. After expanding his business for a few years, Tony brought Lagunitas back to his roots, right here in Chicago. As it nears 30 years of existence, Lagunitas has become a Chicago staple. Most people know them from their Lagunitas IPA, but we also love their Disorderly Tea House line! Be sure to check out their variety packs so no one misses out. Head to their brewery to meet the brewers and enjoy some tasty food, along with beer of course.

Adams Street Brewery

Located within The Berghoff Restaurant, Adams Street Brewery promises authentic German beer and a great atmosphere! The Berghoff family has been brewing beer for almost 135 years, so you can trust they are experts. They’ve called Adams Street home for over 120 years, providing a rich history with innovative flavors. Adams Street Brewery is just getting started on its holiday beers after a successful Oktoberfest. Their brewery features on-tap beer and signature cocktails, complete with German food.

Great Central Brewing Company

Created by two friends who love beer and Chicago, Great Central Brewing Company was created in 2015, after Chicago’s Great Central Train Station. Their beers are an ode to timeless classics. Their Pilsner, Helles, and Hefeweizen are all stellar, offering classic flavors all year round. Head over to their taproom in Fulton Market, complete with trivia and great company. Plus, they offer support to other breweries that are just getting started, showing smaller breweries state-of-the-art techniques they can use.

Bungalow By MiddleBrow

Bungalow By MiddleBrow serves community-supported goods, which is a good way to support neighborhood breweries, bakeries, etc. There are also live Sunday sets! So you can support your local brewery and artist. A large array of food is also present so you can enjoy the night! Make your reservations today!

Written by: Maddie Belland, Mariah Sturdivant, and Paulina Czupryna

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