What to Do in the Logan Square


Driving down Milwaukee Ave and you see a chain of coffee shops, local restaurants, friendly folks walking their dogs and riding their bikes. You’ve reached Logan Square. A small but beloved neighborhood of Chicago, Logan is home to growing businesses, various cultures, and talented Chicagoans. With so much to do, you’ll never run out of what to do here. 

Start off the day with visiting a local coffee shop. Coffee is a culture at Logan Square–a true art. If you’re a coffee lover, try a new shop at different times of the day. If you’re in for a stroll around the block, just stop by necessary and sufficient coffee, serving specialty drinks, baked goods, empanadas, and granola bowls with outside counter service. Their London Fog, an earl grey tea with lavender and vanilla simple syrup and steamed milk, or their Diablito Caliente, a specialty mocha latte with house chocolate syrup and a kick of habanero. Gaslight Coffee Roasters offers an option of bringing some coffee home. They are not only an independently owned shop, but a wholesale roaster, offering unique roasts from all over the world such as Colombia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. A coffee trip around the world, all from one shop. 

Lunch and dinner options are just as impressive! Logan Square is proud of being home to dozens of restaurants with unique menu items that will leave your mouth watering. If you’re looking for latin american food with a modern twist, try Cafe con Leche. They serve a killer plate of Chilaquiles Verdes for breakfast or a Bistec Encebollado for dinner. Just check out their menu for delicious options. Not to mention their house margaritas, served with lunazul tequila, orange liqueur, and house citrus. However, if you want Italian, visit Saba Italian Bar + Kitchen. Enjoy a selection of red, rose, or white wine to start off the evening, and follow that up with carefully picking the pasta of your choice. Their Spaghetti with Meatballs and their Eggplant Parmasean are some classic favorites. Logan Square is also home to fresh, healthy meal options. The Chicago Dinner offers hearty vegetarian and vegan dishes, making them proudly meat free since ‘83. This month they will be featuring their newly made Italian Beef combo–delicious and healthy. 

After filling up for the evening, take a stroll at one of Logan Square’s outdoor attractions. Their Illinois Centennial Monument has been an icon for the Chicago Neighborhood for decades. It was built in 1918 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Illinois’ statehood, and stands 70 feet tall, topped with an eagle, referencing the Flag of Illinois. It’s a great spot to take in a sunset or enjoy a sweet treat. Logan Square is also home to Kosciuszko Park, serving Chicagoans of all ages. With so much open grass area, it’s just the place for playing fetch with your furry friend, inviting some friends for some catch, or just reading a book, looking into the sky. 

Logan Square offers an experience we all need. It makes you wonder what else this amazing city has to offer. Freshly roasted coffee, delicious food, and sites to see, Logan Square is a power house to be reckoned with. No two days will be the same in Logan Square.

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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