11 Days Left Before Terracotta Warriors Leave Field Museum

© Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Center and Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see China’s Terracotta Warriors at The Field Museum before Jan. 8, 2017.

Ten of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s terracotta figures, bronze artifacts, and weaponry make up the more than 170 artifacts in the exhibit. The objects serve to highlight the power, influence, and impact of China’s first emperor. The figures range from warriors, generals, acrobats, officials, and even a horse.

Shihuangdi, China’s first emperor, is responsible for the creation of the Great Wall, instituting a single currency, instituting a standard form of writing, and instituting a standard for weights and measures in China. Shihuangdi became emperor after a period called the Warring States when China was divided into seven competing states. Through an organized military and innovative weaponry Shihuangdi reigned over a unified China. Determined to rule forever the emperor devised a final resting place where a terracotta army would protect him in the afterlife. Aside from the army, the emperor also ordered the creation of terracotta acrobats, musicians, and animals for his entertainment in his afterlife. The tomb stretches 22-square miles and was discovered in 1974 by a farmer attempting to dig a well.

An interesting aspect that the exhibit highlights is that the warriors were actually painted in lively colors. The original figures only show small splashes of faded paint in certain areas, but the exhibit has two replicas painted as they would have been in the time of the emperor showing their livelier aspects.

“China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors” closes Jan. 8 at The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr. For tickets and more information visit fieldmuseum.org/discover/on-exhibit/warriors.

Written By Joel Mora

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