Skyline, Spirits, and Socializing: Chicago’s Must-See Rooftop Bars


By Dustin Ford

Chicago is a very compact city; no space is wasted. This is one of the reasons Chicago has so many rooftop patios. There are plenty of rooftop bars scattered across the Second City skyline just waiting to be discovered. Check out these elevated hotspots to see the city from new heights:


Linda Nguyen, The Willows Hotel

High above the Magnificent Mile, perched on top of the Cambria Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan, lies a haven of good memories and modern interior. Any special event held here is sure to be a night full of Hennessey bottle service or honey lavender goat cheese cheesecake and a fine mojito. No judgement!

Joy District

Ramon Gomez, The Gwen

One of River North’s popular staples, Joy District, has a rooftop bar that manages to incapsulate the spirit of living in Chicago and the spirits of Chicago. Take a shot in the dark with a Shot in the Dark, an espresso vodka and kahlua cocktail, or try the sweet version of a stern classic like the Maple Old Fashioned.


Shannon Boland, LondonHouse

This acclaimed restaurant sits high above where Chicago parts and the river flows, just like the drinks. The recipe for the perfect evening at Londonhouse starts with their crispy-skinned roast duck, hay roasted squash, a hearty glass of Pinot Noir, and one of Chicago’s most iconic views.

Roof on theWit

Alex Foster, Hotel EMC2

This stylish club is laden with cocktails that are competing for your attention, such as the spicy and sweet combo that is La Diablita. You could also try your luck with the Airline Controversies, which combines Grey Goose, Strawberry-Rhubarb Reduction, Lemon, and G.H. MUMM Grand Cordon. Don’t worry, you won’t be dragged out of the bar for ordering this!

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