Patio Season Isn’t Over Yet!


Fall is upon us and that means cool autumn weather. While it may be time to say hello to your flannel and boots, it’s not time to say goodbye to outdoor dining. Restaurants are still working hard to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Their patios remain open and hope you can pay them a visit before it gets too cold out there. Bring your new fall outfit and show it off for an evening of outdoor dining! 


Macello Cucina Di Puglia is a restaurant that specializes in Pugliese cuisine, from the southern Italian region, located on 1235 W Lake St. The cultural ties are strong at Macello and effortlessly transports you to a different time and place. You can simply smell the wood-burning ovens and freshly made food. Their patios are open and ready to give you a little slice of Italy. Like a true Italian restaurant, it is family friendly, so bring the family along! Try their signature pizzas, such as their Pizza Margherita, including fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil, or their Pizza Macello, including fresh mozzarella, tomato, olives, barese sausage and burrata. Enjoy some fresh-air and some delicious food at Macello. 

Crosby’s Kitchen 

If you’re looking for a fun-filled evening for everyone, Crosby’s Kitchen is where you have to be. With plenty of patio space, your health and safety is their top priority–as well as serving you mouthwatering meals! Located at 3455 N Southport Ave, you can choose from some of their signature dishes like Wood-roasted Chicken and Biscuits, Maryland Crabcakes, or their BBQ’s Baby Back Ribs. They also offer meals right-off the rotisserie, including chicken, porkchop, filet of beef, or prime rib. Not to mention they also have a kids menu, surely to please your picky eater. Crosby’s Kitchen welcomes the family to experience an outing in Chicago while staying safe and enjoying the fresh-air. 


Nothing stops Wildfire from serving delicious dishes and drinks. Their Glenview location, located at 1300 Patriot Blvd has recently expanded their patio and are ready to give you the outdoor experience you need. Best known for their steak and seafood, Wildfire serves savory meals that will keep you coming back! Some specialties include their Filet Mignon, Horseradish-crusted Filet, or Bourbon Tenderloin tips. If you’re really ready to indulge, they offer their signature Porterhouse and their Char Crust Bone-In Ribeye. The variety is seriously endless. From seafood, chicken, steak, dessert, cocktails, etc–Wildfire has it all. Their patio has transformed to welcome you and make sure to not miss out on an awesome experience. 

Catch 35 

Catch 35 is taking patios to a whole new level at their Naperville location. They have added heated lamps to their patio to make sure you are comfortable enjoying a meal outdoors on a cool autumn night. Catch 35 in Naperville wants to make sure that you can enjoy fall with some savory comfort food and fresh-air. They are best known for their premium seafood and steak, such as their Filet Mignon and their Blackened Swordfish. Their seafood selection is quite impressive, ranging from lobster, clams, oysters, cob, calamari, and much more. If you’re a seafood lover, Catch 35 will certainly catch your eye. Indulge in a seafood feast on a comfortable outside patio.

Written By: Jessica Narvaez

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