Fairy Tales Come to Life at Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth

Liz Lauren

The holiday season is full of classic stories, and the Lookingglass Theatre Company’s “Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth” is a great one for the whole family.

This debut play from Doug Hara takes all the legends, myths, fairy tales, and stories told across cultures and time and puts them in a shared universe. Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth are a traveling husband and wife storytelling team that use puppetry that not only captivates audiences. Secretly, they are also able to travel between Earth and the land of all the stories.

When one of the three little pigs travels from his world to Earth describing the early death of the big, bad wolf in their story it sets off changes across all fairy tales and legends leading them to be forgotten by people on Earth and creating disarray in the story world. In their search for the culprit responsible for the changes, Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth learn the pain some of the characters suffer from the constant retelling of stories.

The most captivating aspects of this production are the puppetry and shadow animations throughout the play especially with what at first seems like such a bare set. Even without disguising how some of it is done, the ability of Lindsey Noel-Whiting, who plays Mrs. Pennyworth, and Samuel Taylor, who plays Mr. Pennyworth, to perform as their characters and work the puppets throughout the play only speaks to their immense talent. Whether a fox, a boar , a pig, or a puppet version of themselves, with Noel-Whiting and Taylor performing any audience can easily empathize with any character.

“Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth” will be running until Feb. 19, 2017 at the Lookingglass Theatre Company, 821 N. Michigan Ave. Tickets start at $40 and it is recommended for ages eight and up. For more information visit lookingglasstheatre.org/event_page/pennyworth.

Written By Joel Mora

Joel Mora is editor at Concierge Preferred. Born and raised in Miami, Fl., Joel has slowly ate, drank, and explored his way up north refining all his senses to prepare for the stampede of delicious dining, notorious nightlife, stellar shopping, and captivating culture that calls Chicago home. In the wild he’ll be the red-bearded Cuban with a Lagunitas IPA in his hand.

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